FBA Prep Company is a full service FBA Prep and Ship service dedicated to providing Amazon sellers with prep and shipping services from inspection, labelling, sticker removal to poly bagging, bundling and repackaging as well as other services, thereby allowing Amazon sellers to focus on sourcing and growing their businesses.

We maintain a turn-around time of 24-48 hours from when we receive your products in our warehouse to when it is ready for shipping to Amazon fulfilment centers, ensuring that your products are shipped to Amazon in a timely and efficient manner.

Why use FBA Prep Company?

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Additional Services

Customer Returns

Sellers that wish to sell on international Amazon site MUST have a product return address based in that country, this can be a major stumbling block for many sellers, We can by prior agreement, be your product return address, for our overseas based customers.

Amazon will handle all Customer refunds and returns, if you are looking to have an item pulled from your FBA inventory for inspection to determine if the return is fit for resale, you can have it shipped to us. And at your discretion, we would repackage and send back to FBA or dispose of it. There are no additional fees for this service. Standard labelling and prep fees would apply

Shipment Forwarding

We provide the following additional services for products which do not require any additional prep work and simply needs to be received and shipped on to an Amazon warehouse:

A) Shipment Forwarding Only: Products remain in original shipping cartons, we remove all shipping labels and barcodes and place an Amazon shipment label on shipping cartons and ship to Amazon = £5.00 per box

B) Shipment Forwarding and Repackaging: Items which need to be repackaged (when no additional prep is required) for shipment to different Amazon warehouses or to consolidate shipping costs = £7.00 per box received or per box sent out (whichever is greater)