Guide to Using FBA Prep Companies for Amazon Sellers

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June 2, 2017

FBA Prep companies provide Amazon sellers with prep and shipping services ranging from inspecting, labelling, sticker-removing, to poly bagging, and repacking thereby allowing Amazon sellers to focus on sourcing and growing their businesses.

Why should you use FBA Prep Companies?

If you have plans to grow your Amazon business or indeed any ecommerce based business, you could decide to go through the route of either

  • Rent yourself a warehouse which will involve rent, utility bills, insurance and management of employees who would need to be trained to understand how to prep and ship your products to one of the Amazon warehouses. As you can imagine, this could be a laborious task, particular if you are a business which is still growing with the need to continue sourcing.
  • Outsource the prep work to a third-party FBA Prep and Ship company who would take away the stress involved in labelling and poly-bagging your products.

How do FBA Prep Companies work?

FBA Prep Companies receive your inventory, inspect the condition of the items, unpack them, relabel them, then get them ready for shipping.

What are the Benefits of using FBA Prep Companies?

Using FBA Prep Companies eliminates the risk of sending faulty or damaged and incorrect products to your customers, and will save you money by cutting expenses which would otherwise be spent on paying and managing staff. They also save you the hassle of refunding customers of errors that arise from wrongly labelled products or damaged Online Arbitrage orders thus saving your company’s reputation and preventing poor feedback from Amazon customers.

The extra time you get from not worrying about packing shipments means that you are able to better focus on building relationships and growing your business across more categories.

For sellers who have Amazon businesses outside their home countries, using an FBA Prep and Ship company provides you that additional convenience as well as the opportunity to expand your business, thus reaching customers beyond your physical location.

How much does it cost?

With us at FBA Prep Company, prepping and shipment services start from as little as £0.05p. You can rest assured that our services our provided by highly trained professionals with many years of providing prepping and forwarding services to Amazon sellers.

Our 24- 48 hours of turn-around time means that your products are shipped to Amazon warehouse in a timely and efficient manner.

You can place an order by filling out an online order form or buy giving us a phone call on 07514300943. If you prefer an email, you could send one to hello at and one of our friendly advisers would be on hand to answer any questions you may have.