How To Create A ‘Fulfilled By Amazon’ (FBA) Shipment From Your Amazon Seller Account

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August 1, 2018

If you are creating an Amazon FBA Shipment for the first time or have forgotten how to create a shipment, the following steps will guide you from start to finish.


  1. Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account and click on Inventory then Manage Inventory.
  2. Select the Amazon product listing(s) which you like to send and select Send/Replenish Inventory from the dropdown list of actions available.Ensure that you have set up your product listing before trying to ship
  3. Select Create A New Shipping Plan and input in the address from which you will be shipping your selected items. Then select the Packing Type, whether it’s Individual Products or Case-Packed Products.  Case Packed Products are mainly for Pallets or items that are packed in cases of 6-pack, 2-pack, 3-pack etc and are more suited to Private Label and Wholesale Sellers. Once complete, select Continue to shipping plan. Select Individual Items if you are sending Individual items or you are an Online Arbitrage Seller (OA).
  4. On the next page, If you selected Case-Packed Products, you’ll provide the details of your boxes and how many units are in the boxes that you will want to ship to Amazon.  It’s important that you follow Amazon’s guidelines on packaging as they only allow a certain number of units per box, a certain amount of weight, box dimensions, etc… so it’s important to know the details of your shipment to Amazon. If you selected Individual Products, you just input the number of units for each item.
  5. Once you’ve added those details, continue ahead to where it asks for Labelling. On this page, you will decide whether you want to put the labels by yourself (Merchant or Prep Company) or have Amazon do that for you (you will be charged for this service). Side note: You are probably better off using a prep center such as us to ensure that your products are inspected before getting to Amazon as Amazon would not inspect your products and remove any stray OA retailer labels or report any damaged supplier products with images. Using a prep center also give you peace of mind and time to go about other activities.
  6. Click on Print Labels if you want put the labels by yourself and Amazon will provide you with unique barcodes that you will put on your items. Click Continue
  7. On the next page Review Shipment. This page gives you a chance to review your shipment and see the address/addressed of Amazon fulfilment Center(s) where your items will be sent to and how many to send to each one. Once you are satisfied, you can print the shipment plan for your records or send to your supplier/prep center to serve as a guide for them to prep and pack your items
  8. Next, you just need to Approve Shipment. If you choose Amazon’s Partnered Carrier Option (UPS, Fedex etc) click Calculate then you’ll be provided with details of shipping and the price of shipping it.  Amazon has a relatively affordable arrangement within its Partnered Carrier Programme. You are however, free to use whichever option is best for you.
  9. Provide information as to how your shipment is packed as well as the number of boxes for Individual Items option as well, generate the box labels. and send to your supplier or prep center.
  10. Send the box labels to your prep center or supplier or paste the labels on your boxes if you are shipping yourself and book the shipment for collection. Then have your supplier or yourself/prep center ship the product via the appropriate freight carrier and you’re good to go!

Please note that if you are not based in the country where your prep company is based, you would need to change the ship from address to your prep company/supplier’s address to enable the right shipping options.

I hope this helps. If you would like to us to help you grow your business by using our services as a UK Prep Center do get in touch with us today.