Why use FBA Prep Company?

Our dedicated members of staff work within our large and well-fitted warehouse to ensure that your Amazon Business grows. Sign up today and give us a try.

FBA Prep Company Workflow

We work efficiently and tirelessly to ensure that your business gets to the next step.

Step 1

Place an order on our website or by giving us a call

Step 2

Your shipment arrives at our warehouse

Step 3

We email you a confirmation of the content of your shipment as well as the condition of your products

Step 4

We inspect, prep, weigh and package your products (depending on what services you select)

Step 5

We send you a shipment report

Step 6

Immediately shipment is complete and checked “ready”, we will organise collection via UPS, or LTL for larger shipments

Step 7

Your shipment is picked up the next working day and sent to an Amazon fulfillment centre